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This site was designed to gather information about C8 Corvettes and make it available for Corvette enthusiasts. The information on this website came from downloading and analyzing the window stickers for new Corvettes. The site checks for new window stickers every day, but just as cars are not built every day, window stickers are also not created every day. The window stickers for each car typically becomes available within a few days of the car being produced in the factory. Keep checking back for the latest data to be added to the site.

This site is actively developed every day, so it is constantly getting more data and features.

The window sticker data is publicly available information that is collected and presented on our website. This website is not affiliated with General Motors, Chevrolet, or any of their dealers. We do not have any dealers or GM/Chevrolet employees feeding us information.

/ No New Window Stickers

Posted on 6/19/24, 2:30 PM

The issue with the window stickers is still going on.  For whatever reason, there have been very few new window stickers for the last couple of weeks.  There have been none since June 12.  It seems plausible that this is related to a parts supply issue, either related to the seat belt recall or something else.  Other data sources make it seem like cars are still going down the assembly line and being built, but the lack of window stickers typically is a sign that none are being invoiced and shipped to dealers/customers.  This appears to be an issue specific to Corvettes and not all GM vehicles.

I'll post another update when the window stickers have started working again.  For now, the site will keep on checking and hopefully things return to normal soon.

/ Improvements in the Works for C8Tracker

Posted on 5/29/24, 5:54 PM (Edited on 5/29/24, 6:42 PM)

Hey everyone, its been a while since I really posted an update to the site.  I've been tied up with other projects so I just haven't had the time to write new code for C8Tracker.  My focus has mainly just been on keeping it running.

Over the last week or two I have been working on rewriting the code that downloads and processes all of the window stickers.  I am just about done with the work.  Everything looks like it is working as it should.  The big difference is a drastic performance improvement.  

The old scripts were a long and slow process.  The script that pulls the data to populate the Daily Dashboard would take about 15-20 minutes to do its thing.  The script that handles the big updates every day (downloading all of the new window stickers and adding them to the database) generally took about 2-3 hours to do its thing.  It was a long painful process.

The new scripts are running about 90% faster.  The new Daily Dashboard script takes about 2 minutes to complete.  The big update script took about 8 minutes when I tested it earlier.

My goal here was a bit selfish... I wanted C8Tracker to the the first place on the internet to have the latest data.  The hope was that this would simply increase the usage of the site haha.  But either way, it was a fun exercise and I learned quite a bit.

A secondary side effect is the new code is better at processing the Canadian window stickers.  Right now it is able to pull all of the options data.  The only part I can't seem to grab is the MSRP on the Canadian window stickers.  I'll work on that some more.  But once this code is done and live I plan to write a script to populate the database with all of the missing Canadian option data.

Testing of the new code is going well.  Hopefully starting next week it will be live on the site.  I'll make a post when that happens.  I just wanted to let everyone know what is on the way.

/ Daily Dashboard Improvements

Posted on 2/22/24, 2:08 AM (Edited on 4/7/24, 10:10 PM)

I think I have the new Daily Dashboard pretty well dialed in at this point. For most days it appears to be coming up with accurate numbers. The only exceptions are when the plant is closed for a holiday, or maybe when the plant runs on a Saturday. It's difficult to have it account for those oddball days since I really don't know when that is going to happen ahead of time (and my insistence on automating this entirely). Holidays seem to be tricky because while they may not build new cars on a particular holiday, sometimes window stickers will be released on those days. So that creates some challenges in these calculations. But holidays like that aren't super common so its not a big deal. I think about 95% of days this dashboard is showing accurate data.

I have a new script that will run tomorrow a little after 11am. It is simply designed to find the highest VIN window sticker for each model as early as possible in the day. The goal here is to get this Daily Production dashboard populated as early as possible. Once that script is done the normal daily update will kick off.

Right now, if there is no production for any given day, that day just isn't displayed in the table. I do want to go back and make it add those days and just report 0's for the data, but its not a critical feature or anything so I'm not sure when I'll get to it.

I think for now this dashboard is pretty solid.

/ New Daily Dashboard Available

Posted on 2/12/24, 11:08 PM

I just threw together a new dashboard called the Daily Dashboard. The goal here was pretty simple... make a page that mimics some of the spreadsheets that other people maintain and make available... but completely automate it since I don't have time for all that manual work haha. It's working pretty well, theres some bugs I need to work thru, but I decided to make it available since its still plenty useful in its current state.

It should be pretty self explanatory. It attempts to use the window stickers to estimate hoe many cars are built each day. Rather than count the window stickers like the other dashboards do, this tries to find the lowest and highest VINs that were built each day, then from there calculates how many cars were built. I have some other ideas to implement, but this is the basic functionality so far.

Find it on the menu in the Dashboards section... it's called Daily.

/ E-Ray Dashboard Now Available

Posted on 2/11/24, 10:12 PM

Tonight I set up the dashboard page for the E-Ray.  The window stickers for the E-Ray really haven't started coming out yet (just cars built for GM so far, not obvious customer cars).  It's been a few weeks since E-Ray production started, so we should start seeing the customer cars leaving the factory any time now.  So I got the E-Ray dashboard set up.  C8Tracker should now be completely set up for E-Ray data.  Now to wait for the E-Ray window stickers....

/ Production Dashboard Fixed, Getting Things Set Up for E-Ray Data

Posted on 1/18/24, 11:08 PM

I think I have finally fixed the Production Dashboard. The issue was definitely different than I expected, but its good to go now. I also added the E-Ray to the charts on that dashboard. Currently only 2 E-Ray window stickers have been released, so don't expect to see much on there just yet.

I also got the E-Ray set up in the Dealers and Vehicles pages. I still have to make an E-Ray Dashboard page.

/ E-Ray Data Coming In

Posted on 1/12/24, 3:41 PM

The first production E-Ray window sticker was released today. Over this weekend I should be able to finish getting the site set up for E-Rays. Right now the basics are done. It's more of a pain than I expected since the VIN digit that denotes E-Ray is the same number that was used for the 70th Stingray.. so my current way of doing things needs more changes than I anticipated.