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This site was designed to gather information about C8 Corvettes and make it available for Corvette enthusiasts. The information on this website came from downloading and analyzing the window stickers for new Corvettes. The site checks for new window stickers every day, but just as cars are not built every day, window stickers are also not created every day. The window stickers for each car typically becomes available within a few days of the car being produced in the factory. Keep checking back for the latest data to be added to the site.

This site is actively developed every day, so it is constantly getting more data and features.

The window sticker data is publicly available information that is collected and presented on our website. This website is not affiliated with General Motors, Chevrolet, or any of their dealers. We do not have any dealers or GM/Chevrolet employees feeding us information.

/ Dealer Comparison Pages Now Work with Multiple Model Years

Posted on 11/12/23, 10:14 PM

Tonight I finally had the time to update the Dealer Comparison pages to work with different model years. Just like other sections of the site, there are links above the data table that allow you to select a model year.

Spoiler Alert: There still haven't been any 2024 Z06's with the Z07 option built yet, so there isn't going to be any data on the "Stingray vs. Z06 vs. Z07" page for model year 2024. I believe some Z07 equipped cars have TPWs for this week, so hopefully we start seeing some 2024's with Z07 come out of Bowling Green.

/ Window Sticker Links Now Available to Everyone

Posted on 10/8/23, 1:45 AM

I never liked having to require people to register an account to view anything on the site, espeically window stickers.  I figure a lot of people just want an easy way to see the window sticker for their newly built car and don't want to jump thru any real hoops to get it.  But when I first put up this site, it was getting hammered by bots that were apparently trying to get all the data.  So I had to put most of the data behind a login.  Window sticker links were caught up in that.  

I thought of a way to make the window sticker links available that should deter all but the most determined bot traffic.  So I went ahead and threw that together now.  Now, everyone who uses the site can see the window sticker links.  Most of the time its an icon that looks like a little price tag next to the VIN.  If you have a registered account and are logged in, that link will take you directly to the window sticker for that VIN.  If you don't have an account, that link will take you to a page that will do a quick check whether you look like a bot or not, then the window sticker is just a button click away.  

So window sticker links are available to everyone. Registered users will have a slightly smoother experience in getting to a window sticker.  But all users now have a way to get the window sticker for any VIN on the site.

We'll see how this goes.  If I run into bot issues I'll probably have to go back to the old way of doing things.

/ Z06 Dashboard Now Works for MY2024

Posted on 10/6/23, 2:22 AM (Edited on 10/6/23, 2:23 AM)

Tonight I took some time to get the Z06 Dashboard working with the MY2024 data.  It should be good to go now.  There just isn't much data to display at the moment, but of course that will work itself out as time passes and more cars get built.

One interesting thing I didn't notice until tonight, no 2024 Z06's have been built with the Z07 package or the T0F/T0G aero options.  The last couple of days a huge amount of 2023's with Z07 have had their window stickers released.  So it looks like all those aero parts are going to clearing out the back log of 2023's still waiting on parts.  Good news for the people waiting on 2023's.

/ Fixed Some Bugs

Posted on 10/4/23, 12:02 AM (Edited on 10/4/23, 12:03 AM)

Tonight I managed to get some of the bugs worked out.  The monthly charts on the Dealer pages are now displaying properly.  Also the Daily Production Estimate chart on the 2024 Stingray Dashboard is now showing the daily data.  Since the first 10 days or so of Stingray window stickers were all released on 9/28, that day is abnormally large.  Just keep in mind that it represents about 10 days of production.

The 2024 Z06 Dashboard is still broken.  The work I did on the Stingray dashboard tonight should make it easier for me to sort out this dashboard.  The hold up is that data is needed to do an actual test... hard to test everything works right when I currently have 1 2024 Z06 window sticker to work with.  Hopefully those start coming out in decent numbers soon, then I may be able to get it all sorted out this weekend.

The 2023 Z06 Dashboard works.  I changed the link on the side menu to take you directly to this one since it works and the 2024 one doesn't.

I also noticed that I didn't realize I needed to update the Dealer Comparison pages to handle multiple years or data, so that's now on the to do list.  I don't think it will be difficult as those pages are pretty simple.

Hopefully I can get everything all sorted out by next week.  Even though I don't currently have a ton of time to work on this I hate just leaving things in a broken state.

/ E-Ray Data Now Available and Some Bugs

Posted on 9/29/23, 8:31 PM

I didn't expect this to happen, but between yesterday and today 124 E-Ray window stickers were released.  Since regular production for the E-Ray hasn't started yet, these are obviously not customer cars.  They are most likely captured test fleet cars.  Either way, the data is still kind of interesting and it'll give the E-Ray fans something to keep them busy until the customer builds start ;). The data is available in the Vehicles and Dealers section.  No dashboard yet, I don't see a point in making that until regular production starts.

Now that MY2024 data is available I'm seeing some bugs I need to work out.  Mostly minor things when it comes to the different charts and things.  The Z06 Dashboard is basically broken and the dealer pages have a weird issue with the bar graph, but thankfully it doens't impact how useable they are.  And I realized I forgot to tweak the Dealer comparison pages to work with multiple model years.  It'll take me a bit to work thru these issues as I am pretty busy these days and this site is a lower priority than it was earlier this year.  Thankfully the daily pulling of MY2024 data and getting it into the database is working perfectly. 

/ MY2024 Window Stickers are Now Available

Posted on 9/28/23, 9:17 PM

WIndow stickers for MY2024 are finally available for the Stingray.  No Z06 at this time (seems production of those starts next week).  I went ahead and made 2024 the default year on the site.  So now when you go to the vehicles or dealers sections of the site, it will take you straight to 2024 data.  If you want to see 2023, you'll have to select it in the links near the top of the page.

There was an issue with the site today that prevented the daily update from happening.  It was just a connection issue with the computer at my house that runs that update script.  I wasn't home all day so I wasn't around to fix it.  I have resolved the issue and have the update running right now.  I figure it will take most of the night.  Tomorrows update will kick off at its usual time.

/ No MY2024 Window Stickers Yet

Posted on 9/20/23, 8:05 PM

Just an update for anyone who hasn't figured it out, the window stickers for model year 2024 aren't available yet (and the stickers for 2023's have slowed to a trickle).  I expected the very early 2024 builds might get a little extra QC love just to make sure they are good to go since they have some new features.

For now, the site will keep looking for 2024's first, then switching to looking for any remaining 2023's.